How To Buy Bulk SMS in Nigeria

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What you need to know on how to make payment for bulk SMS on our platform.

There are numerous ways of making payment and the factors that determine the particular payment option to use differ. One of the benefits you derive from using our SMS platform is the various payment options that we accept. You are not limited to a particular payment option on our SMS website because we accept all the official means of making payment in Nigeria.

The payment options below are accepted as a means of making payment for SMS to ensure that we make you comfortable using our text messaging service and give you the avenue to enjoy your liberty.

  1. Cash Deposit
  2. Cheque Deposit
  3. Online Banking Transfer
  4. Mobile Money Transfer
  5. Mobile App Transfer
  6. ATM Transfer
  7. USSD Code Transfer
  8. POS Transfer.

To make a payment for SMS on our platform, you need to make a minimum payment of N500 into any of our bank accounts through one of the payment options listed above.

You are required to write your USERNAME as depositor name if you are making cash deposit in the bank while you are required to put your username in the REMARK or COMMENT section if you are making an online banking transfer or a mobile App transfer.

In a situation whereby your preferred means of making payment does not have a provision for you to indicate your username, what you need to do is to submit your transaction details on the platform via the appropriate transaction notification form. Once this is done, we credit your bulk SMS account after confirming the payment.